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PTP Conference Journal

The Congress of the Polish Psychiatric Association is the largest event of this kind in Poland. This year’s 44th edition was held in Lublin. As per Nuhorizon request, we were in charge of preparing a daily journal briefing significant events and the most important quotes from the participating professors during this congress. In these unconventional journals our readers will be able to discover the hidden gems of Lublin and its region, reflected in the great illustrations by Andrzej Mleczko. The whole process behind a daily journal was a big challenge for us and we can proudly say… What a journal!

Fashion Week Poland

Once again, we have acted as the editorial support for the biggest fashion event in Poland. Since the third edition of the Fashion Week Poland, we have been in charge of preparing press releases and articles on special demand for the press. As well, we work on the elaboration of the substantive content of web pages and catalogues. Polish Fashion Week is held twice a year in Lodz. The collections are presented for the first time in such fashion shows as Designer Avenue and OFF Out Of Schedule and Showroom introducing the latest trends from designers and clothing companies. Approximately 6000 people visit this event on a daily basis, fashion enthusiasts and professionals: designers, journalists, stylists, retailers and merchants.

We identify new technologies

We have created a whole visual identity for the company M.mobilereseach specialized in new technologies, and as well for their latest product-the mobile application „asap! Rapid response system”. Thanks to this project we had the opportunity to work on the visuals that are used in software applied to electronic gadgets. As of now, we can proudly say that we are not afraid of new technologies, or at least of the graphic part of it. We are looking forward to work with other companies specialized in this field.

Atlas Support

A long time, Atlas was punished by Zeus to carry the Heavens upon his shoulders because of his involvement in the war of Titans. But how long could he do it only by himself? We can be proud of being the chosen ones to support him in his amazing effort… at least from the publishing point of view. The Atlas Group is the largest company in the building market in Poland. Together we prepare for its customers the bimonthly magazine „Atlas Fachowca”, aimed at the customers of the webpage atlasfachowca.pl and members of the loyalty program “Fachowiec”. While creating this magazine for professionals of the building industry we focused on the principle that we minimize theoretical aspects and emphasize everything what is functional and useful
As well, in cooperation with the Atlas Group we are in charge of the magazine “Klekot” for employees.

We know what real values are!

For HR sanofi-aventis Group we have prepared a project with the aim of introducing to all employees of the system of five corporate values. This knowledge is an essential element of the identity of the company and its corporate culture. In this framework we have elaborated its visual identity, as well as the written text and the animations used for the company’s screen saver and weekly newsletters, in which employees will be able to read about reflections regarding these values coming from Wojciech Eichelberger and Michał Ogorek.

Even if it’s bitter, it still tastes like the best

And we can prove it. The magazine “Gorzka Czekolada” (literally: bitter chocolate) is a proud winner of the competition for corporate press Agape contest and received the title of best corporate magazine of 2012. Since we are its publisher, it is obviously a great honor for us, in particular because it stood in the competition among such outstanding titles as „Volkswagen Magazine”, „Sens of Beauty „(published by Dr Irena Eris) or” C & C „(issued for Raiffeisen Bank Poland). Our magazine proved to be almost unbeatable in winning the maximum number of points in the contest and winning the awards for the best written text and the best cover.

The new „Gorzka” in Empik

Issued by us magazine for diabetes „Gorzka Czekolada” is now available in the network of the press salons Empik. In the spring issue apart from the fixed features you can find also new section and quizzes. We recommend to your mind especially the interview with psychologist Małgorzata Ohme on loved by poles topic „state of permanent indecision” and absorbing interview with professor Wiesław Jędrzejczak by Olga Woźniak about a new kind of therapy of type 1 diabetes. We are convinced that this is the issue that will surprise you on many pages

Ever Twin All Fashion

Ever Twin All Fashion is the slogan associated with the new collection of brand clothing Twin, having more than 30-year tradition. At the request of the owners of the company, we have made a new website and printed publications, presenting a collection for the season spring-summer 2012. Preparing these materials, we have chosen simplicity, modernity and minimalism. Twin collections are available in several dozen stores in Poland and abroad.

Dydko in the theatre

Do you still remember Dydko? Happy and somewhat nosy boy introducing young readers into the world of culture and the fine arts. If not, the next book with adventure of Dydko and his friends will remind you of him. This time the children’s favorite character discovers before them the fascinating world of theatre. Publication with illustrations by Joanna Zagner and texts by Zofia Stancka is issued for the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and is already the third title in this series.

Cooperation with REMI

The REMI publishing house specializes in women’s literature. In recent months we supported our partner promotion campaigns of titles issued under series: „Women of the Orient” („Persian bride”, „Prophecy of Szeherezada”), „On vacation” („With you or without you,” „A whole new me”), „Guides” („15 mistakes that kill the relationship”). We participated also in the promotion of new market cycles: „Hornblower”, „About the current” and „Charlie”.